Company introduction

YHKT Entertainment Corporation Limited, Wuhan, established in May of 2015, is an overall entertainment company which manages to operate the whole industry chain through taking high-quality original animation IP as an entry point. It actively develops fans culture and constructs the whole chain through multi areas: games, films, literature, comics, derivatives, etc.

Our representative works include “LING CAGE”, “BEYOND THE WORLDS I”, “BEYOND THE WORLDS II” and the grand animated series “THREE BODY” which is in hot production. Earlier, YHKT has been honored as National Animation Company, High-tech Company, Gazelles Business, etc and been awarded with “Chu Xin Award”, “Rising Star” of Optics Valley and other distinctions. “LING CAGE”’s PV alone has won “Xin Guang Award”, “Outstanding Creative Short Film Award” of Xiamen International Animation Festival and many other awards among this industry. On September of 2019, the series “LING CAGE” has successfully gained the industry’s most well-known “Golden Dragon Award”.

“Ling Cage” is now serializing on bilibili. Since its launching on July, 2019, historical records on bilibili have been breaking by its average views per episode, bullet amount, discussion amount and other data. Viewers from inside and out the industry have given huge supports. At the same time, massive development of derivatives are under the way, more information will be unveiled in the year 2020. 

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development history

12th of May, 2015: YHKT Entertainment Co. Ltd was founded;

July, 2015: obtained Angel investment from 37 Interactive Entertainment (one of the biggest online game companies in China);

16th of Sep, 2015: released “BEYOND THE WORLDS I” on over 10 mainstream video media simultaneously, including Tencent, iQIYI, Sohu, Youku and Bilibili;

Aug, 2016: obtained investment from DT Capitals (one of Chinese top venture capitals);

7th of Oct, 2016: held premiere of the final episode of “BEYOND THE WORLDS I” in 403 International Art Center of Wuhan, attracting 0.14 million people to watch it live on with over 30 thousand of them expressing likes and leaving comments;

April, 2017: obtained investment from Tencent (Tencent Industrial Investment Fund);

3rd of May, 2017: issued “BEYOND THE WORLDS II” on Tencent and Bilibili;

20thof June, 2017: announced the official initiative of the brand-new original animation IP: LING CAGE: INCARNATION;

23rdof Aug, 2017: released the concept PV of “LING CAGE: INCARNATION”;

9thof Feb, 2018: the PV of “LING CAGE: INCARNATION” was put on Bilibili, it reached at the top within 10 hours and gained hundreds and thousands of followers; announcement also came out that the official video would be online in 2019;

10th of Feb, 2018: obtained tens of millions of investments from Bilibili and Tencent Industry.

26th of June, 2019: anounced to take charge of the production of Three Body animated version as a joint producer on the 10th founding anniversary of BILIBILI.

13th of July, 2019: "Ling Cage" season 1 official launch on BILIBILI

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